Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact
in the Digital Era

an international conference

2010 October 26-28
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Florin Munteanu


Born on March 27, 1952, in Braşov; B.S. from the Polytechnic University, 1976; Doctorate in Sciences:  Industrial Engineering; specialized in applied complexity science in engineering, econophysics, geodynamics and environment, as well as policies for integration into education of the informational and communicational technologies.

Coresponding Member of the Academy of the Scientists from Romania, Scientific Secretary of the Geonomic Sciences Department. Associate professor within the University of Applied Sciences of the Polytechnic University from Bucharest.
Founding President of the Center for Complexity Studies – UNESCO center, the main promoter of the complexity science paradigm in Romania. Initiator of the research programs developed under the general program NEXUS (open projects) and coordinator of some fundamental and applied research programs  within national and international programs such as: the complex study of the geodynamic area Vrancea – Romania si Reunion – The Indian Ocean, unconventional technologies (the design and production of equipment for plastic deformation of the metals through magnetic impulse, laser cut of the materials, magnetic control of the electric arc at joining with plasma, etc. ).
Founder of the company ASTECH solution (, which applies in economics the concept of Personal Laboratory created in 1987. Designer of the products of the trademark CONNECTUS as hard/soft assambly and services for personal development through discovery and network communication.  
Founder of the youth training program for a scientific career in complexity science, program that includes the joining of the emotional and rational intelligences. NEXUS-T (1) network, developed nationally, includes universities, highschools and secondary schools for the assurance of the continuity of the educational process, aditionally with a special program of cognitive development and initiation, necessary for intuition development and for the abilities of integrating transdisciplinary the information from the surrounding environment.   
Author of numerous scientific articles published in specialized journals nationally and abroad, of a series of articles in reviews for popularizing science and newspapers such as Curentul, Jurnal de Bucuresti, and author of the book “Seeds for a Different World”, Nemira Publishing House.
Areas of specialty:
Consultancy and mentoring for training in the human resources for a knowledge based economy (mind building). Designing and production of the technical and conceptual framework for the transfer of knowledge and forming the specific abilities for working in interdisciplinary teams, capable to operate efficiently in a “stormy” economy. The coordination of the activities for continuous personal development through specific techniques for a continuous learning.