Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact
in the Digital Era

an international conference

2010 October 26 -27,28,29 - 30
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava



Windows on and Faces of the Singularity

Chairs: Ana Carolina Regner

Mind, Identity and Singularity Chair:Dorin Popa
God, Singularity and Apocalypse Chair: Traian-Dinorel Stanciulescu
Humanism, Singularity and Complexity Chairs: Florin Munteanu &
Humanities toward the Technology Era Chair: Sorin-Tudor Maxim
Round Table 1- The Future of Humanities in a Technological Era Moderator: Ionut Isac
Round Table 2- The Future of Human Being after Singularity Moderators: Emilia Guliciuc & Dan Milici


Important dates
Submissions of Extended Abstracts: August 15, 2010 (closed)
Notification of acceptance: August 31th, 2010 (closed)

Submissions - extended abstracts (1000-1500 words) for papers suitable for no more than 30 (40) minutes presentations to:
Double blind review.

Best papers awarded by ROSPHET (Romanian Society for Philosophy Engineering and Technoethics)


Registration fees – 75 € – book of abstracts, 4 nights *** hotel, food.
Online participants, registration fees = 25 € (book of abstracts and the special CD with the online papers)
No paper participants, registration fees = 50 € (4 nights *** hotel, food)

Fees for the social program:
A free journey to the famous Painted Moldavian Monasteries from the mythical county of Bucovina (UNESCO World Heritage Monuments) - on October 26
For those interested, there a trip will be organized to the beautiful city of Chernovtsy, Ukraine – on October 30 (for an extra 25 €)

* Initially anounced tracks

The conference will have several tracks with no more than 20 papers for each of its (traditional, poster and online) sessions:
Singularity, Intelligent Artifacts and Technoetics
Chairs: Piotr Boltuc & tba
God, Singularity and Apocalypse
Chairs: Kuruvila Pandikattu & tba
Windows on and Faces of Singularity
Chairs: Colin Schmidt & Traian-Dinorel Stanciulescu
Identity, Singularity & Society
Chairs: Dorin Popa & Romeo Ionescu
Humanism, Transhumanism and Singularity
Chairs: Boris Plahteanu & Ionut Isac
Mind, Logic, Information and Singularity
Chairs: Raymond Turner & Gheorghe Clitan
Singularity and Complexity 
Chairs: Florin Munteanu & Dan Milici