Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact
in the Digital Era

an international conference

2010 October 26-28
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava

Traian Dinorel Stanciulescu

TRAIAN D. STĂNCIULESCU (b. 1951, ROMANIA) graduated from the “Ion Mincu” Institute of Architecture (Bucharest) and from the Faculty of Philosophy-History (Iasi), Philosophical Doctor (specialization: logic & semiotics). He is a currently full professor at the Department of Logic, Systematic Philosophy and Science of Communication, “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi, where he teaches semiotics and hermeneutics, the philosophy of creation, etc. and coordinates doctoral papers in the field of semiotics and creatology. He is associated professor at many (inter)national universities, such as AKAMAI University (SUA / Japan). He is a senior scientific researcher (head of the Department of  Synergetics & Biophotonics) at National Inventics Institute, in Iasi (Romania). He is the President of AROSS (Romanian Association for Semiotic Studies), a Vice-president of ANATECOR (Romanian National Association for Complementary Therapies), a member of IASS-AIS (International Association for Semiotic Studies), IUAES (International Union for Anthropological and Ethnological Studies), ESSSAT (European Society for the Study of Science and Theology); ILA (International Light Association), AOSR (Romanian Academy of Scientists), F.R.C.P. – M.A. (Fellowship register of the Royal Complementary Practitioners of Sri-Lanka & Alma-Ata), Fellow of the International Communicology Institute (Illinois, USA). He has carried out professional specialization studies in Greece, Finland, Italy, Germany and Denmark, has published over 200 scientific studies and articles in Romanian and abroad publications and periodicals. He has participated in over 250 scientific national and international meetings and coordinated nine scientific grants. He has authored and co-authored 28 books, among them: A path of reason towards God? (1990); Life before Life? (1991); Myths of creation: semiotic lectures (1995); Performantics: interference, synergy, confluence (1996); Treatise of creatology (1998, coordinator & co-author); Introduction to the philosophy of human creation (1999); Questions of philosophy (volume 1-2/2001); Metamorphoses of light (in cooperation): Biophotonics, a science of complexity (volume 1/2001); Introduction into the theory of “biological lasers” (volume 2/2001); Biophotonic bases of consciousness (volume 3/2002); Biophotonics fundamentals (2002); Therapy by light (2003); Semiotics of light (2003), Signs of light (2004); The Vital Force (2004); At the beginning it was the Sign (2004); The secret confessor (2004); From darkness to light (2005); Integral homeopathy (2005); Youngness without oldness (2005); The story of the “Flying Lyon” (2005); The “clothing of light” (2006); The fundamentals of value (2006).; Semiotic of love (2007); Homo homini lupus? (2007); El poder de la luz (2007). For his scientific activity, he has received the following awards: “Henri Coandă” Gold Medal, from the Romanian Society of Inventors (1996); “Constantin Rădulescu-Motru” Prize from the Romanian Academy (1997); The Honor Diploma of UNESCO (Romania, 2004); The medal of the Royal Academy for Complementary Therapies from Sri-Lanka (2004); The honor medal of ANATECOR (2005); The excellence diplomas and gold-medals for the brevets: Healthy synergetic clothing (2006); Unconventional caloric source (2007); Biophotonic resonator (2007); ECO-SANE architecture (2008).